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by Nina Mule

Jane (with Gracie Wood) wins the Kismet Tennis Tourney!

I'm back... it seems like a line from a famous movie, but thanks to some kismet in Kismet, I am once again writing a column!!  By way of some history to those of you who are wondering what I am talking about, I wrote the column in "the other paper" for a few years, back in the dark ages of the 90's when Fair Harbor was a very different place...

Ok, summer of 2007, coming to an end, and I'm beginning... that is par for the course these days when Fair Harbor looks nothing like it did... a friend of mine said it looks as though a day care center exploded... WE HAVE MILLIONS OF KIDS, in fact the group houses of old have been replaced by the group houses of families...The annual Fair Harbor Fire Dept kids parade really benefits from all these little ones...Some of the outstanding "floats" belonged to the ever creative grandchildren of Marty (happy recovery) and Anita Rich, Alex braving the NY crowd with his homage to the Green Monster... in keeping with this year's theme of "GREEN"... also seen on floats were the Brozan babies,  and countless others, it took MC  Jack Gellately a long time to honor them all, bring on the franks  Seen making sure the festivities went well was FHFD's best party planners, Brett Roberts and Merri Fisher.

No less than 6 Harborites entered the Kismet Tennis tournament: Binnie, Tony F, John, Jeff and the winning-est couple Jane (won this year) and hubby Dean (won last year). Hey, how come we don't have our own tennis courts?

Speaking of parties, Malta Lorenz's annual Labor Day bash was a huge success... Le Dock catered and there were too many to mention, but I know Susie Grey and company were enjoying the festivities as well as both Good sons... thanks for taking over for me, Marla...

Let's catch up on some oldies but goodies... Carl has been seen in and around Elm walk sharing his favorite drink (we know what that is) with a blonde bombshell who calls New Jersey home.. And on Fifth, we have Gil Benazzi, on his new bicycle bringing those edible flowers to his favorite I-talian woman who love to cook those zucchini buds eat your heart out Mr. Saltaire gardener

We have a wedding to look forward to, Sam Schoenfeld, whose Bar Mitvah seems like a blink ago, is being married to Joelle Stern this coming September, way to go Sam, and those twin nephews of yours are the best... regards to big brothers Eric and Marc 

Our local hangout, Le Dock (aka the dock) has enjoyed a huge summer since adding outdoor dining to our humble hamlet.... It gets a bit crowded downtown with all the bikes, babies and dogs, but biz is good and so's the food, a special nod to the service "crew" at Le Dock, it's the best service in town, and we have that very able crew, including Kirsten Tannen and all her homies... to thank... Cheers to Patrick and Melissa.on a great year.

Who took that great photo of Milton Pike and Nevio Maggiore?? Was Olga far behind them...?  Where's Tony ??? all questions for Paula and Sandy to ponder as they leave FH this summer.

Kudos, as always, to our lifeguards... Richie and his gang did a phenom job this year guarding our shores and watching the waves.  The ocean is a huge part of life here and with lots of kids and newcomers abounding, it's comforting to know we have such well trained guys on those highchairs...  We need a lifeguard reunion to gather all those guys together.

As always, where is George? We miss him

 Heather McDonald is running for Fire Commissioner this year... I think it's high time for a woman in many high places and I hope Fair Harbor will lead the way in that department .... she also is a great hostess, having the first party of season- co hosting with Cedric and Lori and half of the dynamic kid duo of Morgan and Alexa (daughter of Bobby and Linda Kerr).

We enjoyed a couple of fine pancake breakfasts this year, run by the Fair Harbor Fire Dept... Seen flipping cakes were Russ, Bobby Chinkel, and Dan Priest... did we see Uncle Neal selling those chances?  And welcome back to Bea Thornberg who takes her job as coffee maven very  seriously.... We do miss our Ladies Auxiliary gang, but the guys did a great job..

Enjoying our favorite holiday of the year -- TT (Tumbleweed Tuesday) were the Svenson clan (Jphn, Mark, Dot and Bill)   on Elm, everyone was out enjoying the great ocean-- our own personal lifeguard Russ Good, making sure all of us were safe..Evelyn was there, missing her grandchildren Sierra and Stella ..Marc and Laura were seen with THE cutest naked baby, running around the waves...and. Billy Newman has the biggest smile of all on TT...

What's up with Marge Tannen... was she seen on a golf cart or was that a figment of our imagination..... I'm sure she has a permit.

Anyway, as the summer of 2007 comes to a close, we wish everyone a safe and healthy winter, and now those lucky ones who are still around get to enjoy the many fall classics that Fair Harbor has to offer.  We have the FHCA Annual barbeque on Sept 15th and the potluck is tentatively set for Sept 22.... There is a still some fun left..

See you soon....