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Home Spa Parties; the new trend on Fire Island .

You have just spent the better part of the week on the beach baking your body under the July sun. You and your friends return to your summer house at the end of the day looking forward to enjoying one of the newest trends in the spa industry. Your house has planned a spa party this evening. You have hired Rosewood Massage and Spa to come to your house and give you and your house mates a chocolate body scrub, body wrap, and massage. While your group is gathered together, relaxing, listening to your favorite music, talking and laughing, you are taking turns getting the most unforgettable treatment of your life. You did not have to travel anywhere. You don't have to share the spa with strangers, and you are in your own private world. You are now getting our unique treatment that combines a body wrap and scrub with a custom massage that will surpass any treatment that you have ever experienced. If you are planning a spa package for a wedding party, batchelorette party, couples chocolate wraps and massages, or just a "girls get together", Rosewood Massage and Spa can plan a special event for you.

Rosewood Massage and Spa has taken the home massage to the next logical step. We bring the spa to you. We offer a wide range of spa treatments that in the past were just not available. This is especially at a time when your skin needs treatment the most. We have developed a technique that allows us to perform body wraps without leaving a mess in your house. We all know about the benefits of massage like, relaxation, the relief of muscle pain and stiffness, and other medical conditions. But did you know that spa treatments such as body scrubs and wraps can improve the health and quality of your skin as well as have other beneficial effects on the entire body. Combining a massage with a body treatment will have the effect of treating you from the skin all the way down through your entire body. The body wrap and scrub first treats the skin and puts you in a state of relaxation for the start of your massage that usually takes half of the massage to achieve. You are now able to get the total benefits of the massage from the very beginning. You will not only feel better, you will also look better.

Rosewood Massage and Spa offers a wide range of body treatments that will meet the needs of everyone in your party. We have body wraps that use chocolate, wine, cranberry, mango, champagne/rose, as well as moor mud and seaweed. Each treatment has a different effect on the skin; they all hydrate the skin, chocolate relaxes the body and has a slight slimming effect, the seaweed detoxifies the skin and adds minerals, the mud is good for skin conditions, the wine is good for anti aging, the cranberry and mango are good for promoting circulation. We also have a contour treatment that will help treat cellulite and take off inches.

If you have decided to spend a weekend, week or summer on Fire Island to relax and wind down there is no better way than a massage or spa treatment to guarantee that you achieve your goal.

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