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Cherry Grove launches 37th Annual Invasion of The Pines with

 reigning Homecoming Queen Robin Kradles in the lead

                                                    by Denise Dell Harbin



Queen Robin Kradles flanked by her escorts Mark Nayden, Mr. FI Leather 2012, and Collin Stone, a former Mr. FI Leather                                              photo Lorraine




Panzi in orange prepares to lead the Invasion

                                Photo By Denise


Following the tradition of invading the neighboring community of Fire Island Pines on the 4th of July, a boat loaded to capacity, with cross dressing mandatory, set sail from Cherry Grove about 2 PM on the national holiday and headed east. The Queen carried forth the Arts Projects’ theme of “Around the World” and represented Miss Universe, with an entourage of other “contestants” wearing sashes from imaginary countries. The carefully outfitted entourage included the APCG President Martha Pitkin; Aida Herring and her escort Shrimp (singer Jim Speake) of Scandahoovia; Demi Tasse and her escort String (Dell Harbin, publisher of The Violet Letter) from Asian mecca Tam-pon-ora, along with their love child Paddy; past Queens YaNeeda Dunes and Beach DeBree; Donna Piranha and her husband Roger Cortez of Polak; Sue Panzer and her partner Angela Smith joining Wen-D Bouvier as Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest, among others.


Queen Robin was escorted by Mark Nayden, Mr. Fire Island Leather 2012, and Collin Stone, Titan Entertainment porn star, in a black leather kilt leaving little to the imagination. They were later joined by Mr. Meatrack Candido Soares, wearing a newly made sash of moss and branches resembling deer antlers. The entire entourage was announced and then did a choreographed bow to both sides of the jam-packed Pines Harbor. Greeting these invaders in the Pines were Robin Byrd as well as the Grove’s own Rose Levine. The Pines Judges awarded Queen Robin the “best individual” award.


While there was some question that Sip and Twirl, destroyed in last Fall’s fire in the Pines, would be open for the usual merriment lubricated by the free drinks to Invaders, , Invasion leader Panzi was able to distribute bracelet’s for admission and free drinks to their Pool Party, which was announced by Shequida and Bianca del Rio and Peppermint, as invaders strutted their stuff on a red carpet bridge over the pool. There was barbecue offered by the Blue Whale, and all in all, a good time was had by all! The entourage and invited guests trod across the dock and followed the red carpet through the sand to get to the rear entrance to the pool party. And no one minded!


A special salute was made the firefighters who helped save the Pines from worse devastation last October. They were led by Cherry Grove fire department Chief Jill Navarro and other members of the Cherry Grove fire department.


More fun in the crowd from Gilbert Baker, creator of the rainbow flag, as “Busty Ross” who was voted “Most Political”; the ever-present Drag Repair team that rescued Mother from a wardrobe malfunction and Titanic survivor, the Unsinkable Taffeta Brown.


The Invasion started 37 years ago when a drag queen named Teri Warren was refused service in the Pines because she was dressed in drag, and she then went back to the Grove and got friends who then, en masse, invaded the Pines, and it has become a friendly and fun tradition ever since. Panzi was one of those original invaders, and has led the parade of invaders ever since. He gets help herding the glittery drag queens from Aida Herring and a group of other close friends. Sayville Ferry owner Ken Stein has cooperated with the invaders every year, and for the first time in a long time, the fee for this special ferry ride was raised to $15. But no one seemed to mind! In fact, with the boat sold out before all who wanted to ride got a ticket, there is talk of a second boat next year!


As a part of the entourage, standing or sitting in the coveted top deck prow space, this reporter got the best view and enjoyed the day immensely. Thanks, Queen Robin, for including me! Long may you reign!


Photos by Dell Harbin

APCG President Martha Pitkin and entertainer Shequida;

Mr. Meatrack Candido Soares gives a kiss to Mr. Fire Island Leather 2012 Mark Nayden;


Tamponora's entry DemiTasse and her escort Dell Harbin





Photo journey by Jeannie



..Panzi herding the flock to the boat

R.G. Joyce never misses a chance to dress up


Selling the tickets – up $5 from last year – now $15

The synchronized swimmers return?


Cute CGAP Prez Martha



Chief photog Just Lorraine surveys her subjects


A motley crew passes through the crowds to board


Obeying Lorraine’s commands “Look Up”



The elite Royal Entourage huddle in the cabin for shade – on a really hot day

Well, it’s a costume

Let me help you with your “hair”

Oops! A photographer – Pose!

Donna Pirhana  can’t resist showing off



If you’re going to pose dearie make sure everything is right


True Friendship







Look – God and Miss Liberty together


Refreshments were served


Not very ladylike!


My hair is holding up very well




Maybe this is one Invasion too many


The busy Drag Repair almost elude my camera (see right)

They are: Dennis Noboa (director), Kevia Hughes, Patty Rosodo,

Wiliam Andriance, Felix Girevia, Joey Corona, Joe Tevlizzi, Josip Bulivac, Samantha Uigure & Andrea Duvalle – THANKS





Lucky Passengers got quite a surprise

A little sun block please

Quiet composure

A vision!


Listen to me!!!

I feel pretty!


Mary Lou Retton oops a tear in my uniform

Charity wearing Joan Rivers Jewels

China & friend – timeless beauties

And another



Some outfits were skimpy – must be the heat




Mermaid gets it together


Yes, Batman & Robin ARE gay


Tonia Harding so anxious to get to the boys she’s ready to jump ship


It can’t wait either




Balcony seat


Let’s hear it for our Fire Department

Imperial Court Royals


The Olympics!!!

Billie Jean King

Nancy Kerrigan & Tania Harding still feuding

Torvil & Dean head the herd as Panzi prepares to lead them off

I toot the horn on the ferry when we enter the harbor – they toot back – it’s my moment of glory








Panzi in charge


The Queen & her entourage                       photo by Lorraine

There is someone under those feathers


Oh yes there she is


Remember those bathing beauties – now bowing to the judges – have they no shame


Get ready

It’s the Olympic Rings                      photo by Lorraine







This Evita looks better than the one on Bway               photo by Lorraine




Torvil & Dean skating off

Harding attacks Kerrigan

Mary Lou cartwheels   and sticks the landing




(their other side is worse)


There she is- Mermaid, hair & tail in place






A somber reminder of last Fall’s devastating fire

The Boys in the Pines certainly know how to party

(Sip n Twirl)

…and the waiters!!!

Our queens are prettier





Here’s a beauty












Lorraine & Robin relax a bit “So how’d it go?”







Dockmaster Paul: all Back to Normal…with pearls



A smiling Captain Kenny Stein, all round nice guy

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I never get tired of it, But I can only relax when the ferry is safely docked in the harber and nothing stupid has happened to any of theme or the boat”

…a collective thank you from passengers present and past!!!



Off duty at last – what a day!!!