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The Scintillating  (?) Sights of Kismet


                                                                By Jeannie


Catch the “Estrogen Corral” at the Out’s Friday Happy Hour as the Xanadus in full force: Marsha, Joanie, Judy, Beverly took the outside corner of the courtyard bar with Collette, Helen, Stephanie, Seabay’s Joanne, Boatel’s Susan & Carol,  joined in the dance floor by Evelyn Minella as they drank and danced, drank and danced, drank…well you get the idea – apparently done till they dropped as, 24 hours later they were still hurting.


Xanadu’s Joanie wins a free beer at Out’s Happy Hour



the July 4th W Lighthouse Block Party Pole Dancing was not the only show on East Lighthouse – reports indicate there is  a couple practice varying positions of the Kama Sutra who are on display on their rooftop for anyone who cares to watch- show time is usually late afternoon I hear - that used to be a quite corner of Kismet!!!



Another far less erotic sight was the Out’s Beautiful Beach Body contest


John Gagliano, Lysie Smith, Vic Liotta,


Winner should have been Johnny Thunder for spirit but he didn’t make the Final Five

Vic’s granddaughter (is that legal?) Mike Walther the MC

Hunky lifeguard guy

And another guy

Err…you’re not on the list


We’ll leave it to the crowd (what’s wrong with this picture)


This guy was willing to take his pants down to win


So did she

This is more like it

Looks like mike‘s gonna do it, too

Are you sure???


Final two


And Judge Vic’s granddaughter, who works at the Out, gets the prize$$$

 (names have been omitted to protect the innocent – will be released next issue or see Paul for details)




Kudos to Kismet Karting, like little cat feet at dawn, engines purring our garbage men (boys) do not talk, just move quietly – thank you for the good job and the  consideration.


This from Michelle -Restorative Yoga helps to trigger the Parasympathetic Nervous System helps to lower heart rate, blood pressure, and stimulates the immune and endocrine systems to operate in a healthy manner.  You stay in the postures for a longer time allowing the fascia tissue to soften, leaves you energized in a quiet way, responsible for balancing the body and bringing its response system back into equilibrium (fight or flight response)

Every other Monday, at 12:30-1:30 for $10.

July 9 & 23, August 6 & 20, Sept 3

If you have,  please bring props, mats & water.


Other classes are: Mondays  Stephanie Yoga 11:15-

Tuesdays  Derina Pilates 10:00-11:00
Wednesdays  Stephanie Yoga 11;15-12:15
Fridays  Derina Pilates 10:00-11:00
Saturdays Derina Pilates 10:00-11:00
Derina Yoga    11:00-12:30
classes on Tuesday, July 17, & Saturday, August 4 will be cancelled.  a note should be placed on the doors to the community room.


KFD NEWS! After 16 years Peter S and Arthur G have retired from the KFD

‘we are opening spots for younger people to take a more active role in our community”.  Peter added “If Art goes, I go!” 


Camelot After many years if discussion the Camelot will finally get A/C “they are joining the 20th century, not quite the 21st (anon)”.


 Endquote: The Bug Activity at the INN is deciding which bar stool to sit on – Joanne

Kismet Art show

breast cancer
West Islip Breast Cancer Coalition presents its 18th Annual “Clam Shucking Contest”. The event will take place on August 14th, 2012, at the Surf’s Out Restaurant, Kismet Fire Island from 10AM to 4PM. The Grand Prize Raffle will be a cash prize. $4000 will be given away, $2500 1st prize, $1000 2nd prize & $500 3rd prize, all for the price of a $20 ticket. Tickets are available before the event by calling the Coalition office at 631-669-7770, or purchase online at There will be a special price Ferry to Kismet at 9:20 and 11:20 the day of the event. Tickets available at the Maple Avenue dock ONLY! Come and join us for a great day of fun with Music, Food, Chinese Auctions, Corn Husking for children, a Pro Tennis Clinic for adults & children and of course the best Clam Shucking Contest ever! It is fun for the whole family while showing your support to the many breast cancer patients whose lives are made a little easier through the “Lend A Helping Hand program.”

                                                    ..and that’s Kismet!!!

Our own Arlene Hirst has published an article in the New York Times; congrasts! many more to come I hear