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Comics John Zeigler, Chris Roach, Lori Palminteri, Tim Gage, and MC Matt Yaroze


The group was feted and fed at co-sponsor Geri and Bob Phillips house

Except for Tim Gage, who doesn’t eat before performing – later on we understood why), but Chris made up for him!


Proud event “mommas” as the public filed in



Kismet press coops Bradlees camera and pad in tow gets ready to work


The gals of West Lighthouse came out of seclusion for the event


They know where to go first – the bar


Oh Here’s the Real Bar – and Joe’s got a new partner Lauren


Here’s how it’s done


What do you mean...a recount???!!!

Basket of Cheer

Last minute pointers?


Did they bring their own coach?


That’s Gary, the birthday Boy guarding the door – or is it holding him up


The girls – they prefer the soft focus

Now, girls in white, show off a little


Words fail me –


Cheryl and her cheering section


They are really holding each other up




MC Matt Yarosz, really a stand up the last 2 ½ years, chose to be MC because “not as good as the others” and has hosted every comedy club on Long Island


Our own Mike Walther: (More on mikes routine to come)


“I’m in a great mood = I’m in Kismet!”

Let’s hear it for the homeboy!

“Happy to see Rudy not in an adult diaper. My winning Kismet’s Got Talent contest was not as life changing as I had imagined…maybe cause I didn’t get paid…

Have you noticed those poop containers on every corner…just how big is your dog’s poop that you can’t carry it home

When there’s a fire in our house you don’t have to leave…We have a fire department here! Sam Wood is on the phone, Krisha and the Chiros in full gear texting messages…”

Remembers when porn was not so available “I had to drive out of town and find the magazine under the rock?” Also they kept blinking those lights indicating his time was up he soldiered on

Having the advantage of taking on people and issues we all knew.

Always a pleasure -



You guys are killing’ me with those flashing lights


They loved him


Newbie – tries out her material on a wiling crowd, has opened for acts at The Brokerage on L.I.

Lori (21) took issue at the "sprinkles around the toilet seat by her boyfriend which she has to wipe off - with his toothbrush - left him a note n the Frigidaire – can you please pick up some milk - and move the F out1" - left him a note on the Frigidaire ' dad told her date on prom night 'if you touch her I will kill your family in front of you"

now she dates a bartender in Cherry Grove - 10 year olds giving advice to a younger guest at a wedding  "if you want to get married you have to get pregnant first"

Called her mom for help - "Mom I need help. I need water" Mom: where are you?... I'm upstairs.

 I’m a surfer – when I see a shark in the water I carry a sharp pin – so I can stab the surfer next to me!





John Zeigler, young, cute - 5 years stand up, opening up for acts on Long Island

His first time in Kismet – this is what summer is all about

In a Chinese restaurant he got 1 Chuka for 35 cents, 40 for $1’99

“I went to a community college the’80’s and finished paying off the tuition last year!”

Re: condoms – 190 varieties; ribbed, marinated in baby oil, insecticide…”

(A fast talker, I couldn’t keep up with his savvy material)



Chris was here 5 years ago

Chris Rauch has headlined in all Long Island clubs, done commercial, played a zombie in a movie.

Opened with” I’m sizzling like bacon up here”

Noticed we haven’t changed a f— thing here… had to tape up the windows because after he had a Rocket Fuel “next thing I Knew I was in Cherry Grove chompin’ on a tortilla”

 As an actor he played a mental patient on One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest – sang an endless ode to Ronkonkoma... joined Weight Watchers with his wife – if he lost 2 and she gained 3 the rest of week he was f-ed!

“Checked out 3 points for a Heineken light, asked my wife for oral sex - she said was out of points, but wants to go to the cheesecake factory

Why do people exercise on a vacation? Saw a guy running in place and taking his pulse waiting for the light to change while he sat in the car licking his double frappe ice cream – taking my pulse

 Wonders why guys in boats wave to each other when on land they are assholes




Tim Gage formerly wrote the weekend update for Colin Quinn on SNL, has also guest shots on movies. Not eating before performance keeps him agile onstage in his very physical performance mimicking ADD kids, hilarious visits on parent teacher nights, trying to fit into those little chairs…my wife has the first diaper my kid s—t in with the date on it!…Never thought I’d laugh at parent jokes but he’s a killer!

“Here’s what you do when you take your kids on a camping trip: carry 4 bags of ice, 3 staples. The kids cant carry their aluminums blanker while I have a Frisbee in my teeth to walk 10,000 miles on the beach, then the kid wants to go home to take a sh—t”.

You give up all your friends when you’re married, - when you’re single used to talk about anything at a bar, when you’re married you lose all conversational skills 




4 eyes are better than 2, (didn’t help)


Let’s see………..

The Winner 50/50 Steve! Who’s gonna kiss him first??


OK – everyone’s leaving – my turn at the bar

No! No! Don’t shoot the shooter



Better buy these Giant Roach Clips


……or I’ll mug you




“We had a blast!!!”



The emcee and organizer of the comedians was Matt Yarosz, Geri Phillips' nephew. The Phillips were in charge of communicating with him and keeping things on track. Geri's daughter Jennifer took care of all the promotion (posters and flyers) as she is a wiz at graphic arts (very professional flyers and fun too). Bob and Geri also gave dinner to the comedians and their guests at their house before the show.


Joe and I were in charge of reservations and collecting the $ ahead of time to ensure seating for everyone and a SOLD OUT house. We also took care of the numerous little details that are part and parcel of such a large event. We were responsible for getting Mike Walther, our hometown comedian, to be a  part of the show. He was a hit.


Set up that day was accomplished by the whole Kismet Fire Dept, from cleaning and sweeping the truck bay room, setting up chairs, assembling the stage, connecting the lighting and basically turning it into a theatre. All were a huge help. Special thanks to Buddy, Lauren, Rudy, and Dr.Janet who worked till the bitter end of set up until Joe and I felt it was all good to go. Sam loaned us his great sound system. Cody,  Dave Lambie and DJBK made sure the new spot-lighting was in working order.


That night Geri and I worked the door; Joe, Lauren, Rudy, Patty, Joey P and Bob Phillips worked the bar and snacks; Drs. Janet & Linda worked the 50/50 and Raffle; Chief Dominic, Lou R and Gary were in charge of security so we had no interlopers.


We had so much help from all sources for breakdown after the show that it was a firehouse again in no time.


We raised $3,000 to be used for the good of the fire dept and the community and ran a fun event that was enjoyed by all.