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Heat & Humidity, Bad hair days, Bizarre behavior……while no reported power outages in town (thank you Lilco) a meltdown of services – phones, internet, minds…those with A/C grateful, those without sorry – those revered balmy breezes turned steamy.


Soaring temps drove Kismetics to their shores. Xanadu’ and Geri of Paradoz set up a little beach comuunity by the bay joining Boatel’s Carole & Susan, Barbara, Ken & Roseanne in their native habitat…


Nevertheless lots of distractions soldiered on during an event filled holiday week.


Sunday the Kismet’s 47th July 4th parade featuring some marines! (see article)


Monday The Kismet Book Club met Monday on Fran’s shady deck, unusually lively discussion as everyone enjoyed and READ the book Defending Jacob for a change. Next book – “The Art of Fielding” by Harbach.


Tuesday featured the return of the Empire State Stompers Dixie jazz band to the INN – a group of extremely talented veteran musicians offering the best – no minimum, no cover charge – thank you, Larry, for this luxury.


Wednesday parties everywhere from East to West – Seabay’s Pot Luck. Pine Walk’s Pig Roast (no info available), others in between I am sure (I was at the Grove/Pines Invasion all day)

West Lighthouse’s Rudy’s Annual Pool party

Rudy’ (& Patti’s) annual has grown and grown. Proving hubby Joe is not the only talent behind the bar Joanie created an exotic pineapple vodka drink that was excellent. At first glance thought Sam was tending bar, but, ever resourceful, he found a cozy corner behind the bar to nosh (‘My own little table”), while sexy looking son Sam Jr. sizzled out the door. A spot of rain couldn’t dim the spirits of the already “happy” guests.


By contrast an intimate  low key Boatel Bay party could become an annual, watching fire works from Susan & Carole’s deck – attending were  landlady Dolores Shevlen, Colette, the Xanadu’s minus Pinney, Lawn House Sharon & David  ( a kismet couple success story) Helene & Ina.

Kismetics also anxious for a view crowded the dock –


Thursday featured the much loved marathon playing Willie & Don – how they played in that heat in the INN was miraculous. In rapt attention were the Mooney’s Joe Vietri, Carmine & Joanne P from the far corner of Seabay, Tim McDonald and

gorgeous cousin Carrie and a gaggle of his hunkie friends, some Merry Marrieds, Avelon’s Marilyn and bro Charles, Helene, Carole & Susan, the ‘Oolies and just about everybody else in town. They always satisfy

Thursday: while they were playing in the Inn, the Firehouse hosted a Poker & Mahjong marathon evening which included an eclectic array of participants:

Poker:  Dealer’s Choice or Texas Hold’em played by Palace’s Elliot, Paradoz Big Bob, Xanadu’s Mel, Merry Married’s Neal & Gary, Cody, Vic L, Regular Joe, Joe McK (sounds like a Damon Runyon group) Neal among big winners $70 - !!

Mahjong -  Lemon Tree Fran, CA’s Myrna, Rosie L, Camelot’s Michelle, Patti R, Xanadu’s Judy & Joanie, while Joanie McK kibitzed

Love it when the Firehouse becomes the People’s House!



 Last week Saturday was a bonanza night in Kismet – the great unifying Kraven band with guest performers Boatel Ken and Tim Money on a groove that had everyone moving – even the “Oolies left their sanctuary to celebrate MaryBeth’s birthday (and almost a surprise bonus from the Comedy night cutie Paul Kreiger who is looking for her, former high school classmates – love is in the air – they were in the Inn at the same time – but passed each other in the night)

Meanwhile the Nexxies partied including the svelte, cuter than ever return of Kylie Phelan for a week form the Left Coast, Gracie & Casey going momentarily solo with the newly elevated Sam Jr now one of  his Dad’s chief men, and getting better looking by the moment.

Rita and Mike D’Amato celebrating an anniversary at the INN joining Cheryl et al at the bar.

The indestructible Licari’s; just a month after Nicky received a concussion going through his car windshield but made a remarkably quick recovery and continued partying  sister Casey ‘s foot was pierced by a rusty wire in the ocean – 911 calls were relayed as a gunshot related emergency as she was taken off to have the gash treated and any remaining wire removed. Later that night she and the Nexxies were dancing at the Out. 



You know its July 4th week when Paul comes up from Florida to help son Andy out at the Market

at his post at the door (who is he talking to – all the time – his bookie?)



Bg Ted exiled from Dom’s couple’s kids house, visited from Snooze Harbor with some weekend housemates – Tom was elsewhere – c’mon,gals -come out and seduce them back here! They’re too good for Foul Harbor~!


Kismet Komedy revisited:

Mike Werther, Sam’s brother in law got cheated in my Kismet Komedy review due to distraction by blinking lights (trying to get him offstage)

Here’s more of his routine as promised – he is really funny – especially when he takes in the real people:


“.If I look a little different it’s because I just got a prostate exam…………..

I love it when my wife uses a 2 year old's voice when talking to the dog after it goes to the bathroom... I would love it if just once a week she would use that on me after I use the bathroom’’’

After I watched “Marley & Me” I decided I had to get a dog. I didn't realize how much of a pain in the ass it would be when you get home from a long day of work and you put the kids to bed and the wife says goodnight and you are going to watch the Monday night football game, you hear the dog licking himself.

The “poopie hunter”, a guy in camouflage, sneaking around his lawn looking for the poop.

…why are there are so many poop stations in kismet where you can put your dogs poop in,, when it would stink on a hot day, why you can't just bring the dogs poop back with you. There’s a guy here whose dog name was Monty, he brings a tennis ball with him when he walks the dog, but never throws the tennis ball.

At Dunkin’ Donuts. I don’t understand why at 5:30 in the morning there is a 14 year old working behind the counter….what juvy are they from, and why they aren't at home watching porn.

 How different it is now a days. When I was a kid and if I wanted to watch porn I would try playing around with the cable box to trick it and see if I could get the playboy channel. ..I  would go to the dump, where my friend/s older brother would leave porno mags under a rock.

In Kismet having a fire department and how much of a joke that it is. And if I lived in kismet and their was a fire the 3 people getting out of the fire truck would be Krisha and the chiropractors. Sam Wood, he gets out in his wizard costume because we all know that’s what he sleeps in”

Thanks Mike, we must hear more soon!.


Pancake breakfast: when you pay your $10 next Sunday  you will not be aware of, as I was not, the work and preparation that goes into it – the Sat afternoon meeting that pulled dedicated workers from a perfect beach day  held animated discussions on a myriad of details like who will be in the kitchen, cooking the bacon outdoors to protect those in the kitchen blue berries and strawberries to be served together or separately, what kind of syrup – real for adults and commercial for kids who may not appreciate it, placement of juice, water, coffee on the serving table who’s printing the flyers, when  to distribute from door to door to ferry, who’s cooking serving should there be shifts, wristbands to prevent the perennial crashers tables, set up etc, flowers, and then the group sat down to begin the napkin/utensil set ups.


Congrats to Bill Poindexter fir winning the Lighthouse Art Show award, $100, for his years of participation and dedication to the show Yu can see more of his art at the upcoming Annual Art House Krawl July 21st


This Sunday: Pancake Breakfast Sunday at Firehouse look for flyers

Movie nite “The Bridesmaids” 8PM at Firehouse


Snapshots: Marion Levine wanted to marry a school teacher so she could spend her summers here – but when she saw the price of her Seabay house she married a Lawyer!!!

 Joyce Cole in the market buying sandwiches on a 95degree day – “the INN is too busy to serve me”

                           …and that’s Kismet!!!


Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary
Return of the
Sunday July 8th 8:30 - 11:00 am
At the Firehouse
$10 - adults
$ 5 - children under 12
Pancakes w/Pure Maple Syrup, Bacon, Sausage
Fresh Fruit, OJ, Coffee, Tea